Sam and Mikey

Skoda - Like an Oven

The problem:

Every year dogs die from being left in cars on hot days. As it rarely gets very sunny in Ireland, people don’t think of it as an issue or a treat to their dog’s health. But it is. And it’s something we wanted to inform dog owners about.

Within an hour at 22-degrees out, inside your car reaches 47-degrees. Even in the shade, this heat can severely harm or kill your dog. When your car reaches this kind of heat, it becomes like an oven.

The solution:

We created a print ad to warn dog owners how dangerous a hot a car can get, and how deadly it can be to their dog. This featured a helpless and unassuming dog left in a car that has been manipulated to to look like an oven. We ran it on one of the hottest days in recent history, when the temperature rose to nearly 30 degrees.

We worked with photographer Liam Murphy and production house Happy Finish to blend the car and oven, creating this hyperreal and shocking piece of imagery.