Sam and Mikey

Bag of Cannes

The problem:

Boys + Girls were sending us to the Cannes Lions Festival, which costs a fortune. In return, they wanted us to do something to prove we were there, and to create some Cannes related social content for the agency.

The solution:

We shot and hosted an interview series during the Cannes Lions Festival called, “Bag of Cannes”. It featured us with a bag of cans, interviewing various attendees about the festival, with each interview lasting the length of one specially designed can.


Bag of Cannes + Rory Hamilton (Boys + Girls ECD)

Bag of Cannes + Matt Lawford (Cannes Veteran)

Bag of Cannes + Resh Sidhu (CD at AKQA)

Bag of Cannes + Patrick + Michael (The Cannes Shirtlist)